Valuation Compliance, LLC (VC) is a full-service review and management company for appraisals of commercial real estate.  Commercial real estate includes office, retail, industrial, multi-family (over 4 units), special-purpose properties, subdivisions, and vacant land.

Our process is designed to maintain independence from the production side while making sure all participants are kept in the loop. The process typically follows a simple set of steps.

1. The client submits an appraisal request to VC via email or through our website database.
2. VC transmits a request for proposal and then solicits bids from 3 to 4 competent appraisers from the client’s approved list.
3. VC submits the bids to a representative of the client.
4. The client selects the appraiser the assignment is awarded to.
5. VC engages the appraiser on behalf of the client and maintains the signed engagement letter.
6. VC monitors the appraiser’s progress for timeliness, methodology, issues, etc. The client is kept informed of any adverse issues, and we are available to handle any resulting concerns.
7. The completed appraisal report is submitted to VC and the client.
8. VC resolves any issues with the appraiser, if applicable.
9. VC performs an USPAP Standard 3 technical review of the appraisal and any revised reports from the appraiser, if applicable.
10. VC transmits the appraisal report, appraisal review report, and invoices for the appraisal and for the review to the client.

In addition, we are happy to review commercial appraisals prepared for other financial institutions, and/or for loan participations.

Additional services include:

1. Approved appraiser list maintenance and/or subscription.
2. Audits of an institution’s internal review process.
3. Consulting and in-house training/education.
4. Litigation support and review services.


Accuracy – Valuation Compliance engages over a thousand commercial appraisals each year. We know that every appraiser is not competent to appraise every property type. Most importantly, we know which appraisers can do it correctly and conclude to reasonable and supported valuations the first time around. By bidding to appraisers with proven track records, Valuation Compliance increases accuracy and reduces turn around and underwriting time frames. With Valuation Compliance, there is no garbage out since there is no garbage in.

Compliance – all commercial appraisals that pass review by Valuation Compliance are in conformance with regulations. With over 10,000 reviews completed, we have NEVER had a client cited by regulators for a deficient appraisal that has passed the Valuation Compliance review process. Your regulators know Valuation Compliance, respect Valuation Compliance, and may have been to training sessions provided by Valuation Compliance.

Cost Effective – big regional and money center institutions can afford access a highly trained staff, the latest technology, and data needed to properly evaluate commercial real estate transactions. Valuation Compliance levels the playing field by spreading expenses over a large client base and providing our clients with quality service at affordable prices. Partnering with Valuation Compliance puts an experienced team of appraisers on your staff with no additional overhead.

Retention – our average client tenure is over 7 years. We strive to develop long-term client relationships, but do not require any long-term commitments. Our standard client agreement provides for 60-day notice for cancellation, with renewals on an annual basis.

Mergers – when a client has been acquired, over 80% of the time the acquirer has retained Valuation Compliance for the combined institution.

Mobility – when a CCO moves to another institution, we are often asked to continue to serve them at their new bank. We have a proven track record of removing major regulatory headaches in a cost and time efficient manner.

Transparency –Our professional staff consists of experienced commercial appraisers working exclusively in a review capacity. To avoid conflicts of interest, we do not compete with the appraisers whose work we review. As former field appraisers, we work with the appraisal community from a position of respect having walked in their shoes while speaking their language.